Weekly Jobs Update - Nov 14, 2019

34 new remote jobs at Clevertech, Medium, Mozilla, Pocket, Hotjar, Thorn ...

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I’m excited to share with you the first issue of the NODESK remote jobs newsletter here on Substack. Each issue will feature a digest of remote jobs from the past week as well as the occasional company profile and offbeat piece.

Although Substack offers the option of paid subscription, this newsletter will remain free. Finding a remote job is hard, and I don’t want to make the process more difficult by adding a paywall.

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Company Spotlight

This week I highlight Clevertech.

Clevertech helps the world’s most innovative organizations build incredible, game changing technology.

Clevertech has been remote exclusively since 2006.

At Clevertech, you will be part of a strong international community with team members from across the world. Work from where you want, whenever you want, and forget the timesheet. At Clevertech, it’s all about results, not time.

Join Clevertech’s team and work in a stress-free, ego-less workplace where amazing things get done every day, and everyone gives a damn. Just the way it should be.

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Career Advice:
“Can I share one simple way to help make decisions about your career options?
Start with your blank calendar. Imagine an average week. Fill in how you'd want to optimally spend your time. What are you doing, who are you doing it with, where are you doing it?”
— Hunter Walk (Partner, Homebrew)

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